Photo Gallery


Meet our members' balloons

Frank Bart
"Calypso Breeze"

Mike Bollea

Kevin Brielmann

Thaddeus Burr

Penny Christy
"Sky Petals"

Bill Colyer
Pat Anderson
"Last Penny"

Bill Costen

Malcolm Dickinson

Erwin Dressel
"Michael's Rainbow II"

Matt Dutkiewicz

Jim Ellis & 
Susan Sparks

Santo Galatioto

Amy Goodyear

Steve Goodyear

Pete & Peg Hyslop

Carlos Kebe
"Betsy to Heavens"

Mike Kirkwood

Don LaFountain

Dave & Polly Lasher

Rob Metz

Chris Mooney

Mick Murphy

Jim O'Brien
"Bigger Green"

Charlie Perreault

Jack Perry
"Morning Glory"

Randy Riley

Tony Roswell

Mark Sand
"Mystical Flyer"
Cindy Smith

Daryl Smith

Bob Sommer

Ron Thornton &
Carol Conroy

"Peanuts Encore"

Diane Tomassetti

Steve Tuttle
"Morning Surprise"

Steve Ushchak

Kathy Wadsworth

Robert Zirpolo

Credits:  The vast majority of these pictures were taken by CLAS Photo-Historian, Mike Bollea

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